25 juin 2019 Laurent

Before beginning that exercise, I didn’t know The Weeknd, nor any of his track. Of course, I’ve listened to some of his work, but didn’t know the artist, nor his career.
A friend of mine one day told me “Dude, The Weeknd just released an a cappella you should do something with it.”
At that time, I was focusing on the urban scene, mainly trap/rap music, because that is a style of music I’ve never truly produced.

Let’s have a look to the original song :


I’ve spend ~10 hours working on my track, so it feels differents enought.
I’ve put the emphasis on the nostalgic/dark mood, in order to fit with the lyrics.
The idea was to get something good in no time. I timed all my work sessions in order to not spend too much time on it.

The result is here :

Due to youtube & soundcloud copyright protection, the remix can not be uploaded there.

Hope you enjoyed it.

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